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BRTB Launches Resilience 2050 White Papers

BMC Newsroom

BRTB Launches Resilience 2050 White Papers to Inform the Public on the LRTP currently in Development.

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) has launched a series of white papers to engage the public throughout the planning process for Resilience 2050: Adapting to the Challenges of Tomorrow, the next long-range transportation plan (LRTP) for the Baltimore region.

These targeted white papers will engage the public earlier and more effectively by providing information about the planning process and concisely explaining some of the complex information presented in the LRTP.

The white papers are an exciting tool that aim to improve the review process as they introduce and update the public on the LRTP over time and by topic, providing exposure prior to release of the draft of Resilience 2050 in spring 2023. It also encourages the public to provide feedback earlier in the process. This allows the BRTB to hear thoughts and ideas about Resilience 2050 while it is still in development, which is a more impactful time for consideration and inclusion of relevant feedback.

White papers will be released monthly over the course of the next year in preparation for the full draft plan, slated for completion in the spring of 2023.

The first white paper, Project Scoring, is now available, detailing the methodology for scoring candidate projects for Resilience 2050.

Readers can anticipate more Resilience 2050 white papers on topics such as:

  • Traffic safety issues in the Baltimore region;
  • The regional freight network;
  • Transit;
  • Air quality and the Conformity Analysis;
  • Active transportation
  • Forecasting population, households, and employment for Resilience 2050
  • Emerging technologies

To read and provide input on the project scoring white paper and any future Resilience 2050 white papers, visit

To learn more about the long-range transportation plan, visit