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Multi-Modal Planning

In the Baltimore region, multi-modal transportation planning takes a comprehensive approach which looks at all types of surface transportation and includes input from stakeholders and the public.

To be efficient and fair a transportation system must serve diverse demands. While not everybody uses all travel options, most communities include people who need each one. For example, not everybody uses public transit or needs universal design features such as curbcuts and ramps, but most communities include some people who require them to travel independently, and most people will need them sometime in their lives. Physically, economically and socially disadvantaged people in particular need diverse mobility options: walking and cycling for local travel, public transit for longer trips, and automobiles (ridesharing, chauffeuring and taxi travel) when necessary. As a result, to be efficient and fair transportation must be multimodal.

In addition, multi-modal planning focuses on how different types of transportation connect to each other and work together across jurisdictional boundaries. Ensuring that each transportation mode not only works well by itself, but also that it interacts and connects with other modes is essential. By doing so, there is more opportunity to move around, connect, and adapt to changes in the system such as emergencies, traffic congestion, etc.