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View the Maximize 2045 Virtual Meeting Presentation

The BRTB is developing the regional transportation plan: Maximize2045: A Performance-Based Transportation Plan. This new plan continues the theme of its predecessor, Maximize2040. That is, make the best use of—or maximize—the resources that comprise and support the region’s transportation system.

Developing the new plan involves gathering and analyzing data on the transportation needs, demographic trends, environmental concerns, economic factors, and financial resources that will shape the region over the next 25-30 years. Steps in this process include formulating and adopting:

Once the BRTB has selected a tentative set of projects using this information, BMC staff will conduct travel demand modeling, air quality conformity modeling, and analysis of potential Environmental Justice effects of the major projects proposed for the plan. The BRTB will seek input from its partner agencies, its advisory groups, and the general public throughout the process of developing Maximize2045.

Informing this process is the continued reliance on a performance-based approach to planning and programming transportation projects. This approach provides a framework for the region to monitor progress toward regional goals through performance measures and targets. This approach also enables the BRTB to make informed decisions about how best to maintain, operate, and enhance the existing transportation system and to apply limited financial resources.

Throughout the development of Maximize2045, the BRTB will consult and coordinate with local jurisdictions, the Maryland Department of Transportation and its modal agencies, other state agencies such as the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Department of Planning, other partner agencies, the public, and other stakeholder groups.

The BRTB expects to adopt Maximize2045 in July 2019.

You have the chance to help shape the future by sharing your thoughts on $15 billion in key transportation projects planned for the region over the next 25 years.

Over 200 projects are part of two transportation plans that will be open for public comment from May 9 through June 18. During this time, the BRTB will host a series of public meetings to share information and collect comments. Learn more.

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