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Maryland Travel Survey

Between April 2018 and May 2019, the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) will conduct the Maryland Statewide Household Travel Survey (Maryland Travel Survey), asking randomly selected households across the state to tell us about trips they make for work, school, shopping, errands, and socializing with family and friends. Collecting this information through a survey is the only way to accurately measure and understand people’s changing daily travel patterns.

Collaboration with MDOT and COG/TPB

BMC is conducting the Maryland Travel Survey on behalf of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). In addition, the Maryland Travel Survey and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG/TPB) Regional Travel Survey will run concurrently. The two surveys will compose a complete dataset for the state of Maryland.

Why your participation matters

By providing accurate information about your daily travel, you will help ensure that funding to maintain roads, bridges, and transit is spent where it is needed most. Your travel information will help build a complete picture of local and regional transportation needs, so decision-makers can effectively recommend where to make improvements.

Why BMC is collecting this information now

The last household travel survey BMC conducted was the 2007/2008 Household Travel Survey. Now nearly a decade old, the data are approaching the end of their useful life in providing relevant information on current travel patterns. Collecting new data will also help BMC meet federal regulations: The agency is charged with developing a long-range transportation plan for metropolitan Baltimore, and must certify that the plan is consistent with current and forecasted transportation and land use trends.