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Security Planning

One of the goals listed in Maximize 2045 is to Improve System Security by providing a secure traveling environment for everyone and improving the region’s ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters. BMC has various ways to enhance the region's transportation security, including:

  • Activities of the Transportation & Public Works Committee such as:
    • Working with local jurisdictions and state agency partners to develop approaches to address large-scale, cross-border emergency events, including evacuations. The T&PW Committee has sponsored various evacuation workshops and tabletop exercises to enhance cross-agency coordination.
    • Improving the capabilities of jurisdictions to respond to and recover from emergencies, including security threats and natural disasters, through the use of traffic and transit system management and operations techniques.
  • Prioritizing projects on or connecting to evacuation routes in the long-range transportation plan.
  • Planning for the potential transportation-related implications of climate change (e.g., rising sea level, storm surge, stronger storms). In May 2016, BMC hosted an Extreme Weather Forum that included presentations on trends of extreme weather in Maryland as well as related activities by local, state, and federal agencies. Presentations and resources from the event have been posted online.
  • Working with local, state, and federal stakeholders to plan for managing debris generated by large-scale emergency events, as part of the Disaster Debris Planning Task Force.
  • Working with other emergency management partners as part of the region’s homeland security preparedness efforts.