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Getting Involved & Public Comment

Transportation plays an essential role in your community. It connects you to the places you need to go and the people you need to see. The transportation system gives you access to key places and opportunities.

With thousands of miles of highways, roads, sidewalks, transit and railroad tracks, as well as signs, buses, and more, planning for, operating, and maintaining our region’s transportation system is a big task. It requires a lot of collaboration among all of the cities and counties in our region, as well as all of the agencies that operate the systems.

Plus, you! Your knowledge of your community's transportation needs can be a valuable addition to the planning process by identifying concerns and ideas for addressing problems.

Here are six ways to be involved:

  1. Send an email or write a letter – A key opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and ideas is during public comment periods. Visit the BRTB comment form to see opportunities to comment.
  2. Attend public meetings – Going to meetings is a great way to learn more, share your ideas, and meet other people who are interested in the same issues. Visit our calendar for upcoming meetings and events.
  3. Apply to serve on the BRTB's Public Advisory Committee or a local planning committee.
  4. Join our e-mail list to get notices about comment periods and press releases.
  5. Invite us to speak at an upcoming meeting or event.
  6. Learn more about the public involvement process

Also, While the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board play a role in determining which projects are funded, many other organizations are involved in the decision making process. Many decisions about which projects are included in regional plans come from community input and participation. By getting involved locally, you help shape priorities and affect future funding decisions. Most importantly, the information you share with local leaders helps to ensure that investments reflect local and regional priorities.

Contact your local planning office to find out how to be involved or follow B'More Involved on Facebook and Twitter to get updates about local planning efforts.