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Short-Range Transportation Planning

The short-range document is called a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and is financially constrained over four years covering the most immediate implementation priorities for surface transportation projects and strategies from the long-range transportation plan. It is the region’s way of allocating its limited transportation resources among the various capital and operating needs of the area, based on a clear set of short-term transportation priorities.

The current TIP for the Baltimore region is the

approved by the BRTB on July 25.

Under federal law, the TIP:

  • Covers a minimum period of no less than four years
  • Is updated at least every four years
  • Is realistic in terms of available funding (known as a fiscally constrained TIP) and is not just a “wish list” of projects
  • Conforms with the State Implementation Plan for air quality since the region is designated as an area that does not meet the national air quality standards
  • Is approved by the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board and the governor for air quality
  • Is incorporated into the statewide transportation improvement program

In the Baltimore region, the TIP includes all state and local projects that request federal dollars to implement (those projects have a state or local dollar match). The process for developing the TIP begins in January, includes a 30-day public comment period, and ends with a vote by the BRTB usually in July. The TIP includes a description of federal requirements, a discussion of fund sources, a project listing for the coming year, and a description of all projects requesting federal funds over the next 4 years.

The state prepares a document called the Maryland Consolidated Transportation Program that lists all transportation projects on state facilities regardless of fund source. The CTP covers all jurisdictions and all highway, transit, port, airport, and motor vehicle administration activities. At the local level, the jurisdictions prepare Capital Improvement Programs that list capital projects for all areas of local responsibility, including local transportation.

Recent TIP Documents

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