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Transit & Human Service Transportation Planning

Transit and paratransit planning is a process that works to identify the current and future needs of the community. It considers many different things, such as:

  • Communities and business centers that currently are served. Then, communities and business centers that are not receiving service or are being underserved.
  • Where are services provided? Are low-income and minority communities being served?
  • Are the systems accessible to people with disabilities?
  • How do these services interact with other transportation services and systems?

BMC staff provides demographic data, travel demand modeling and overall analysis to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and local transit agencies that focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of current systems, as well as identifying opportunities to increase service in the region.

Baltimore Regional Transit Needs Assessment

The Baltimore Regional Transit Needs Assessment is a report developed for, and at the request of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Board of Directors. The charge from BMC’s Board of Directors was two-fold. First, to develop a comprehensive assessment of our multi-modal transit network. Second, BMC was asked to present a set of recommendations for a truly regional transit system that reflects local priorities and supports economic growth.

The assessment has been developed internally by BMC’s professional planning staff over a period of ninety days. It is designed to serve as a resource for our members, as they work to address local and regional transit challenges.

>> Download the full report  (23 MB)

Table of Contents  
Appendix A: Public Survey – What Did People Tell Us They Want?  
Appendix B: Student Ridership on School Buses and Public Transit  
Appendix C: Busiest Bus Stops     |    Appendix D: Bus Incident Data 
Appendix E: Park-and-Ride Lot Features 
Appendix F: Priority Letters – What Do the Jurisdictions Want?  
Appendix G: Other Voices – What Do Advocacy Organizations Say?  
Appendix H: Transit Study Review    |  Appendix I: On-Time Performance 
Appendix J: MTA’s Bus Network Improvement Project Report   |  Appendix K: Demographics


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