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Multi-Modal Planning

Bicycles, buses, trucks, trains, planes and automobiles... these are some of the types of transportation we have in our region. 

In order to keep people moving in, around, and through the region, it is important to look at how all of these modes of transportation work together.   This is also true for goods movement – or freight transportation – by land, air, or sea.

What is multi-modal transportation planning?

In the Baltimore region, multi-modal transportation planning is a comprehensive approach which looks at all types of surface transportation and includes input from stakeholders and the public.  By considering the concerns and needs of all users of the system, a stronger, more efficient and coordinated system is created.  

street scene with pedestrians, bikes & carsIn addition, muilti-modal planning focuses on how different types of transportation connect to each other and work together.  Ensuring that each transportation mode not only works well by itself, but also that it interacts and connects with other modes is essential.  By doing so, there is more opportunity to move around, connect, and adapt to changes in the system such as emergencies, traffic congestion, etc.

Learn more about multi-modal planning in the region:

Federal transportation legislation, starting with Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act in 1991, stresses the importance of considering all modes of transportation when planning for improved mobility. As the metropolitan planning organization for the Baltimore region, the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board is involved in planning for the following modes of transportation:

  • Freight Management and Planning– Whether it's on-road, by ship, air or rail; freight is the economic backbone of the state. Efficient and safe movement of freight is critical.

  • Transit & Human Service Transportation Planning– Transit is the only choice for many citizens and an inexpensive and clean choice for many others.

  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning– Biking is a fun and fast way to navigate neighborhoods, trails and streets to satisfy recreation, quick trips to the store, and the daily commute.
    A portion of every trip all of us make is by foot, for some it is a quick, cheap and healthy way to get around for short trips. 

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