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August is National Water Quality Month

National Water Quality Month is about efforts to maintain clean sources of drinking water. This includes encouraging any effort to improve and keep water sources clean. In order to monitor the quality of water, a comprehensive monitoring program is necessary.

The Reservoir Watershed Technical Group (RTG)  associated with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council is in the midst of a project that is intended to culminate with the establishment of a comprehensive watershed monitoring program that will be applied throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Drinking Water Reservoir watersheds. The RTG has been involved with efforts to protect the reservoir watersheds since the 1970s. Currently the RTG has solicited bids for qualified consultants to assist in the development of a monitoring plan document. Once completed it is intended that the plan elements be applied across the watershed system. Using the adopted plan elements, data will be collected regularly that will be used to help maintain a high level of source water quality for the Baltimore metropolitan area.

What you can do to help:

Here are a few things you can do to keep the water in your area clean: 

  • Make an effort to keep your water sources clean.
  • Use non-toxic house products; don’t dump things other than water down storm drains.
  • Don’t flush medication down the toilet or sink.
  • Participate in Adopt A Watershed programs and volunteer opportunities. 


Fpr more information: 

August is National Water Quality Month



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