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Environmental Publications

Maximizing Benefits of Stormwater Projects in the Baltimore Region. August 2016. Online

Environmental News Brief. Quarterly, via email. E-Newsletters & Social Media.
Covers news related to air quality and transportation in the Baltimore region.

Clean Commute Initiatives Report 2014. March 2015. Online.

Baltimore Reservoir Watershed Management Program: Biennial Progress Report for 2006-2007. August 2009. Online.
Focuses on the status of some 93 different commitments to improving water quality that were made in the 2005 Action Strategy.

Conformity Determination of the 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program and amended Plan It 2035. July 2015.  Full Report and Appendices.

Report and analyses showing that planned transportation improvements in the region conform with air quality goals.

Reservoir Watershed Management Agreement of 2005 With the 2005 Action Strategy. May 2006. Online.
Presents the 2005 agreement and the Action Strategy, along with an explanation of the Reservoir Program's origins and history, in its role of protecting the quality of drinking water in the Baltimore region.

Reservoir Program Technical Report: Water Quality Assessment, Targeted Studies and Ongoing Water Quality Issues in the Baltimore Metropolitan Water Supply Reservoirs and Their Watersheds.  November 2004.  Online.
Summarizes key water quality trends in the 3 water-supply reservoirs in the Baltimore region and identifies issues of concern regarding future drinking-water quality.

2000 Action Report for the Reservoir Watersheds; Annual Report of the Reservoir Watershed Protection Subcommittee. Spring 2001. Online.
Prepared pursuant to the 1984 Reservoir Watershed Management Agreement, this report summarizes progress by participating organizations in implementing the Action Strategy for protecting the reservoir watersheds, thereby preserving the quality of drinking water for over 1.8 million people living in the Baltimore region. Reports from earlier years also still available.

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