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BWI Airport Survey 2002


At the request of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) staff conducted a ground-level transportation services survey at the Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Airport. Funding for this survey was provided through the FY 2003 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA). 

The survey included three activities:
  • a license plate survey of vehicles parked in BWI lots;
  • a survey of transit riders, and
  • a survey of demand responsive transportation user’s services -- taxi, shuttle and limo riders.
The main purpose of each of the surveys was to identify the originating jurisdictions of BWI users. This information is vital in assisting MAA with a marketing and a multi-modal access plan for BWI Airport.


The license plate survey was conducted at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport in December of 2002. This survey is an update of a similar survey performed in May of 2001. The 2002 survey was conducted by Maryland Parking, in cooperation with the Maryland Aviation Administration. The four-day survey of 16,002 vehicles in parking lots managed by the Airport found that the Baltimore region represented 28.9 percent of the total surveyed vehicles (see map).  Forty-seven percent of BWI users live in and around the Washington, D.C. region, up from 44.6 percent in the 2001 study. 

Of all of the Maryland jurisdictions, the largest percentage of travelers come from Montgomery County, 12 percent of all vehicles recorded.  Vehicles from Baltimore County were second, with 8 percent. The number of passengers traveling from southern Pennsylvania increased from 12.4 percent in 2001 to 14.4 percent last year.

Map showing where BWI passengers come from
The second survey was conducted in January 2003 over a four-day period. This was a survey of transit users to and from BWI. BMC staff interviewed 1,402 public transit riders of BWI’s six public transit routes – the B30 Express Bus, Red Express Bus, Local Bus #17, Light Rail, Amtrak/MARC Shuttle and Sky Blue Bus. 

The survey found that 50 percent of public transportation users were traveling to fly from BWI and that 31 percent were utilizing transit to work at the Airport or around the Airport (see chart). The survey also revealed that 11 percent of public transportation riders are using the BWI Airport as a point of transfer to other locations. 

In the Baltimore metropolitan area, Baltimore City is the most popular origin or destination with 68 percent of public transit users. Transit users from Baltimore County were second among Baltimore region riders with 13 percent and Anne Arundel County ranks third with 11 percent. Among public transit users, the District of Columbia accounted for 14 percent of the ridership while the Washington metropolitan area was the origin or destination of 16 percent of trips to or from BWI Airport.
Graph of transit passengers showing trip purpose
A third survey of Demand Responsive transportation – taxi, limo and shuttle services – was conducted in December 2002 and recorded the responses from 8,120 demand responsive passengers. In this survey, the largest percentage of users came from Baltimore City with 48 percent of all surveys recorded. Passengers from Anne Arundel County were second with 24 percent and Howard County ranks third with 16 percent. Baltimore County travelers accounted for 11 percent of those using BWI’s Demand Responsive Services for transportation to and from the Airport. Users from the District of Columbia and the Washington metropolitan area represented 14 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

Copies of the 2002 BWI Parking Lot Survey and Survey of BWI Ground Transportation Users 2003 can be obtained by calling the Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Regional Information Center at 410-732-9570.
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