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Be a Telework Champion

When approaching your employer (or a potential employer), Think, Plan Discuss.

To help you get off the road and into a successful telework program, we offer these three simple steps:

1) Evaluate if teleworking fits your work.

2) Lay out a telework plan.

3) Present your proposal.

Would teleworking work for you (and your employer)?

The first step is to figure out if Teleworking can work for you. Teleworking may not be appropriate for people in some occupations. If you answer "yes" to the following questions, telework may work for you.

  • Can I do my work from home or off-site?
  • Can I be as productive outside the office?
  • Do I have the things I need (such as a quiet work setting and appropriate equipment and software) to complete my work at home?

Laying out a telework plan

The next step is to develop a clear telework plan. The purpose of a plan is to convince your employer that Teleworking will save the organization both time and money and help all employees become more efficient and productive—even enabling you to work additional hours!

Employers are unlikely to approve a telework plan if it is vague or ambiguous. A strong plan includes accountability and a preset schedule. Your telework plan should contain the following sections:

  • A description of how teleworking can help your employer
  • A description of how teleworking can help you be a better worker and improve communication between you and your managers
  • A clear schedule of when and where you will be working
  • A commitment to be in the office when necessary
  • A list of reporting procedures

Reporting procedures, such as scheduled e-mails or phone calls, will help ease manager concerns about your reliability and productivity outside the office.

You can download helpful forms by registering as an interested employer or employee with

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Presenting your proposal

The final step is to present your telework plan to your employer. Give your plan to your manager in advance and schedule a meeting to discuss it.

At the meeting, be prepared to remind your employer that Teleworking can benefit everyone. Remember that Teleworking:

  • Will increase productivity, work quality, and output
  • Improves employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Can eliminate unscheduled absences
  • Can reduce employee turnover
  • Can reduce employee relocation, training, and recruiting costs
  • Can increase staff knowledge and customer satisfaction
  • Can improve manager–employee communication and relationships

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