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Benefits of Registering with

Register with, it’s absolutely free! Registration takes just a few minutes. Immediately upon registration you will be able to download the following resources:

  • Sample Policy Statement
  • Employer/Teleworker Agreement
  • Teleworker Self-Assessment
  • Home Workplace Checklist
  • Planning & Communications Strategies
  • The opportunity to receive free consultant support to help employers in the Baltimore region start or expand a formal telework program.

Once you’re registered, you may expect representatives from either the Baltimore Metropolitan Council or the Maryland Department of Transportation to contact you. We’ll be doing several things through these calls:

  • Finding out how successful your organization has been in implementing telework.
  • Trying to determine the overall interest in telework in the region.
  • Gauging the success of this program.

Remember that registration is free, and we will share your information with no one other than our consultant, Telework Program Solutions.

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For more information:
Russ Ulrich, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 410-732-9575.

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