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Choosing a Bike Route

Bicycle signGetting to work or school by bike isn’t going to be the same experience as getting there by car or bus, so the best route for them might not be the best route for you.

Things to consider when choosing a route include:

  • How much traffic is on a street? Quieter streets make for a more pleasant ride.
  • How wide is the street? Wider streets leave plenty of room for cyclists on the sides.
  • How many hills are along this route? Hills can be fun going down, but take some extra effort getting back up! Steep hills can be a little tricky going down, especially in bad weather.
  • You might also want to talk to a local bicycling organization who can put you in touch with a mentor or experienced rider, friends, neighbor or co-worker who bikes on a regular basis and discuss good routes.

To get started planning your own route, take a look at these maps:

Bicycle Commuter Resource Guide
Bicycle Commuter
Resource Guide
    Employer Guide to Bicycle Commuting
Employer Guide to
Bicycle Commuting



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