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Bike Comfort Tips

Many of us have gotten used to the dry, warm, clean comfort of our automobiles. Those who choose to commute by bicycle don’t have to sacrifice those comforts, with a little advance planning.

Bike to work wearWhat to Wear

Many cyclists choose to bike to work in their work clothes. Unless it is extremely hot or raining, this is a viable option. You can ride slowly to avoid working up a sweat.

Other cyclists choose to ride in workout clothes and bring a change of clothing with them in a bag (you can even get a garment bag made to fit on bicycles).

You may also choose to drive to work one day and bring several changes of clothes to the office for the days you bike.

When choosing an outfit to bike in, make sure you take into account the day’s weather forecast. Layering is important during the cooler months, since you will start off cold and get warmer on your ride. Proper rain and cold weather gear is also key, if you plan to bike every day.

Bike comfortIf you will be riding long distances to work, you might consider buying padded bike gloves and/or padded bike shorts to increase your comfort.

If you will be riding at night, light colored and reflective clothing will help motorists see you.

And, of course, you’re never fully dressed without your helmet!

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