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About the Cooperative Forecasting Group

The Cooperative Forecasting Group is a subcommittee of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board. The mission of the CFG is to collaboratively develop socio-economic projections (population, households, employment, and labor force) for the Baltimore region in conjunction with jurisdictions in the Washington area.  The BRTB adopts these projections each year for use in travel demand modeling and testing air quality conformity.

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Meeting minutes, agendas, and more are available in CFG Documents.

The CFG consists of Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff members, economists, demographers, and planners at state and local planning offices, and others who have a specific responsibility for generating forecasts of population and other variables for their respective organizations.  The CFG meets bi-monthly to review changes in local land use patterns, to discuss socio-economic trends, newly released U.S. Census Bureau figures and other indicators, and to make adjustments to existing forecasts to reflect new developments, changing market conditions, and changes in local policy.

The latest adopted forecast is Round 8B, which includes population, households and employment forecasts for the 2010-2040 period, and it is detailed by our six jurisdictions as well as Small Geographic Areas: 94 regional planning districts (RPDs) and 1,391 transportation analysis zones (TAZs). Census 2010 and Master Establishment File (MEF) data was incorporated into the forecasts.

The methodology for developing the forecasts is summarized in Primer for Developing BMC Travel Demand Model Socio-Economic Inputs (pdf).

Cooperative Forecasts

Round 8B Cooperative Forecasts covering 2010-2040, were endorsed by the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board on August 23, 2016.

Round 8B Cooperative Forecasts − Jurisdiction Totals    PDF │  EXCEL

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