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Technical Committee

The Technical Committee reviews and evaluates all transportation plans and programs from a technical standpoint. Composed of transportation planners and engineers appointed by local governments, the Technical Committee makes recommendations to the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board based on technical sufficiency, accuracy and completeness of all plans and programs. This input enables the Board to have a technical viewpoint prior to making decisions.


  • To oversee work efforts outlined in the Unified Planning Work Program .
  • Review/coordinate UPWP efforts by Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff, State agencies, and the local jurisdictions.
  • To provide analysis and comments for the BRTB’s consideration
  • To review proposed transportation plans and programs


The Technical Committee consists of one representative from each member jurisdiction or agency of the BRTB. Each year, the committee elects a new Chairperson.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month and open to the public. 
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